About brother Paxton Chivere


Brother Paxton worked in Zimbabwe for large retail, manufacturing and financial organisations over 12 years, after which he founded and operated firstly a brickmaking business for 5 years and subsequently a burial services undertaking company from 1994 to 2008.

The 14-year burial services undertaking exposed brother Paxton to ‘the daily harrowing experience of burying in excess of 80 000’ deceased people, at least 99% of whom did not experience let alone extend to others ‘their created for Earthly Ruling and God Serving’ kingdom and priesthood inheritance. Consequently, brother Paxton was burdened to take up four years of formalized biblical studies, in an effort to establish the core cause ‘of this alarming rate of the perishment of most people’s created for Earthly Ruling and God Serving’ kingdom and priesthood inheritances.

True to the Proverbs 29 verse18 and Hosea 4 verse 6 Word of God, brother Paxton’s biblical studies established that most people lack both the revelation and knowledge ‘of each person’s Romans 8 verses 28-39 or Revelation 5 verses 5-12 God creation time purposed and sevenfold-anointed Forgiveness to Rulership salvation faith of Jesus Christ availed redeeming and transforming enthronement’ to one’s created in image and likeness of God’s boundless power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing. This lack of revelation and knowledge ‘is the core cause of the perishment’ of not only most people’s most desired earthly life dreams, visions or aspirations, but also their yearned for Personal Peace and Joy.

Brother Paxton is the author of ‘the Kingdom, Priesthood and Rulership power-manifestation’ Six-Book series titled Receiving All Your Answers To All Your Prayers, Growing To Your Rulership Through Whatever Difficulties You Encounter, Receiving And Increasing Your Open Heavens Anointing, The Heavens Have Opened For You, Extending Worldwide Your Open Heavens Anointing and Your God Awaited Earthly Life Testimony, together with the respectively aligned 432 Open Heavens Revelations videos or audios of 30 Minutes each.

All the Books and Videos or Audios were authored by brother Paxton over the 14 years 2001 to 2015, as God’s confirmation that ‘the Ecclesiastes 9 verses 10-11 time and chance opportunity’ is availed to all people, as facilitated by each person’s 1 Corinthians 12 verses 4-11 ‘given to all people measure’ of giftings or talents and chosen daily life occupation or profession