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  • Get our latest eBooklet FREE! How God Wants You to Grow-Up!

    From a tossed back and forth mere religious or church child

    This eBooklet shows how any person grows one’s sustained capacity to access and extend to others, whatever one’s desired Word of God’s boundless power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessing.

    So that one does not remain as ‘the always learning but never growing and tossed back and forth’ mere religious or church child, who merely conforms to appearing wise yet deceiving, not maturing and not commissioning weekly church or religious programs or traditions.

  • Receiving All Your Answers to All Your Prayers

    This book is for any person whose prayers are not being answered. The book teaches you:

    1. To align your pursued earthly life dreams, visions or aspirations, to ‘the boundless power and wisdom’ of God’s victory assuring Word.
    2. You will accordingly be released from the bondage, of praying empty prayers ‘that merely conform to not maturing and not commissioning‘ religious or church teaching regulations, programs or traditions.
    3. Your prayers will not only pursue the fulfillment ‘of the victory assuring Word‘ of God’s boundless power and wisdom, but will also bring the very answers you seek.

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    Would you like to turn any problem you face in life, into an opportunity to realise the greatness within you? Then this is the book for you, as it teaches you;

    1. To utilise whatever your encountered daily life difficulties, as opportunities for you to seek the Jesus Christ availed to all people ‘redeeming and transforming’ enthronement.  Which empowers you to seek and grow ‘the faith and knowledge driven’ capacity, for confronting and overcoming your encountered difficulties.
    2. To continue to grow to the limitless potential, of the Genesis 1 verses 26-28 or Revelation 5 verses 5-12 ‘all people created for earthly ruling and God serving‘ kingdom and priesthood inheritance. By not only confronting and overcoming the difficulties you encounter in your own life, but by also impacting the lives of others, through whatever your experienced Word of  God’s boundless power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessing.

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    This book teaches you, the 1 Corinthians chapters 1 and 2, Isaiah 28 verse 10, Ephesians 4 verse 12 or Romans 5 verses 1-5 ‘power and wisdom of God rooted, faith and knowledge driven and unrelenting endurance sustained’ layer upon layer process. Of how you consistently grow ‘in seeking, receiving and extending’ to other increasing people, the sevenfold-anointed Forgiveness to Rulership salvation faith of Jesus Christ’s redeeming and transforming enthronement. Which empowers every willing person, to not only pursue to accomplish ‘whatever one’s desired‘ Jeremiah 29 verse 11 or Joel 2 verses 28-30 dreams, visions, aspirations or plans. But to also extend to increasing people worldwide, whatever one’s experienced Word of God’s boundless power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessing.




      This book enables the reader to generate and accrue one’s Isaiah 55 verses 12-13, John 15 verses 8-11 or Revelation 3 verses 7-12 ‘lasting fruit of one’s greatest and eternally fulfilling’ Personal Peace and Joy, from ‘one’s accessing and extending to increasing people’ worldwide. The Genesis 1 verses 26-28 or Revelation 5 verses 5-13 ‘earthly ruling and God serving kingdom and priesthood’ inheritance’s all enslavement breaking; all enemies paralyzing; and all victory rewards assuring boundless power and wisdom. Consequently, the reader becomes a Revelation chapters 21 and 22 ‘new open heaven and a new cursed freed earth bringing’ vessel, which inspires all willing people to pursue and accomplish their John 14 verses 12-14 or Ephesians 3 verse 20 ‘most desired yet appearing impossible’ dreams, visions or aspirations.

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