Despite God’s availing to all people ‘His immeasurable and boundless power and wisdom’ through God’s creating every person ‘in the image and likeness’ of God, all humanity’s both generally short earthly lifespan and the earthly environment’s limitations ‘constrain each person’s level and extent of accessing’ the availed immeasurable and boundless power and wisdom. This access constrain is in accordance with but not entirely restricted to;

  1. the proportionate measure ‘of each person’s initially endowed with at one’s creation’ distinct giftings or talents,
  2. the extent of ‘the subsequent development of each person’s giftings or talents’ as facilitated through one’s both upbringing and education or training, and
  3. the extent of one’s sustained application of the giftings or talents ‘in one’s pursuing whatever one’s desired’ higher dreams or aspirations, as mostly facilitated through one’s daily life occupation or profession.

Despite the (1) to (3) constrained access, any person’s sustained ‘development and application of one’s giftings or talents’ together with one’s daily life occupation or profession, opens up unlimited opportunities ‘for the person’s seeking, accessing and growing the faith and knowledge rooted and power and wisdom driven’ capacity, which one requires ‘for not only one’s pursuing to accomplish whatever one’s desired’ higher vision or aspiration. But ‘for also one’s extending to other increasing people’ worldwide, whatever one’s grown to or experienced power and wisdom. This any person’s seeking, accessing, growing and extending to others one’s required power and wisdom ‘only in alignment to’ the level of one’s developed both giftings or talents and daily life occupation or profession, together with the level of one’s pursued visions or aspirations. Re-inforce the reality that any dimension or level of any person’s accessed and experienced power and wisdom, is ‘distinctly and uniquely experienced’only by that person.

In other words, each social worker, doctor, business person, pilot, clerk, technologist, engineer or child minder ‘seeks, accesses, applies and experiences distinct and unique power and wisdom dimensions and levels’ through one’s daily life pursuits. Whilst these individually experienced power and wisdom dimensions and levels are distinctly different, from ‘those sought, accessed, applied and experienced’ by individual statisticians, sportspersons, agriculturists, marketers, cleaners, messengers, accountants, etc. It is this personal giftings or talents rooted and daily life pursuits driven ‘experiencing of distinct and unique power and wisdom’ dimensions and levels, which further re-inforces the crucial requirement for each person’s distinctly and uniquely experienced power and wisdom, to be extended ‘to other differently gifted or talented people’ and particularly to those in different daily life occupations or professions. So that the daily life pursuits of as many people as possible ‘not only benefit from their otherwise lacking’ unique and vital contribution of others. But also so that continuously increasing people’s daily life pursuits ‘make better contributions to the crucial common good advancement’ of all people worldwide.

Conversely, this entire world would have been disgracefully backward if Albert Einstein, the Wright brothers, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and other high profile inventors, had not shared their uniquely experienced power and wisdom ‘with other people of diverse and distinct’ giftings or talents and daily life occupations or professions.

Both 1 Corinthians 12 verses 4-31 and Ephesians 4 verses 4-16 specifically illustrate ‘this common good accessing and extension’ of whatever one’s desired power and wisdom, as follows;

“……… the Jesus Christ availed indwelling Holy Spirit of God ‘apportioned to each of us a measure of grace and power giftings’ for evangelists, pastors, teachers, prophets and apostles, with which to equip God’s people for (the common good) works of service. So that we (the body of Jesus Christ) are all built-up and mature to the whole measure, of the unity of faith and knowledge of Christ, ………………… as each part (or each of us) does its work contribution ‘in building up the whole people body’ of Jesus Christ. Then we will no longer remain as infants, who are tossed back and forth by every wind of teaching, and by the cunning craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming.”

This ‘God purposed interdependence in building up and maturing all people’ of the worldwide church of Jesus Christ, not only explains why the New Testament church leaders ‘came from diverse occupations or professions and ministered together’ to single church congregations. But also explains ‘the church’s then rapid and effective impact’ across all worldwide economic and social sectors. This is in direct contrast to most of today’s professing Christian Churches, most of whose individually ministering leaders ‘are not from the diverse’ daily life occupations or professions, whilst they exclude most of their church members ‘from also ministering the Word of God’ to other people. This worldwide Christian Faith Church’s lack of leadership diversity, together with most professing Christian Church followers being endlessly discipled and never commissioned ‘for also extending to other people whatever their distinctly or uniquely experienced’ Word of God’s boundless power and wisdom, is the core explanation ‘not only for the professing worldwide Christian Church’s current lukewarm impact’ on all worldwide economic or social sectors. But also for the continuing underdevelopment and consequent impoverishment of most world regions and their respective peoples. All which illustrate ‘the worldwide church of Jesus Christ’s distinct failure to become the light and salt’ of the earth.

For helping yourself or other people, to also receive or extend to others ‘the necessary diversely and uniquely experienced power and wisdom’ of God’s Word, the reader is herewith invited to share EITHER;

  1. Any of your attending religious or church teachings over what long time, without experiencing and neither extending to other people, what ‘your desired and sought power and wisdom’ of God’s Word? OR;
  2. Any of your uniquely experienced ‘through your giftings or talents and daily life occupation or profession’ Word of God’s boundless power and wisdom. Which you want to share with other people, so that they also apply the power and wisdom ‘in pursuing whatever their higher’ dreams or aspirations.

Your submission per EITHER (1) OR (2) is to be addressed to

brother Paxton Chivere (Executive Director)

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