Open Heavens Revelations

Welcome to the Open Heavens Prayer School’s SECOND CHAPTER LEVEL Open Heavens Revelations teachings.

1. These comprise Book One of ‘the open heavens priesthood power-manifestation series’ titled Receiving And Increasing Your Open Heavens Anointing, together with the aligned Parts Four to Ten ‘open heavens revelations videos/audios’ of 30 Minutes each. The Book and Video or Audio teachings constitute the SHORT-TERM PRIORITIES focusing Temple Pillars Discipleship, which introduces you to your creation time God purposed PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING.

As highlighted per 1.1 to 1.3 below, this Personal Development Training facilitates the growing of your Sustained Endurance or Perseverance, in relentlessly confronting the difficulties or inhibitions ‘that are encountered in any person’s pursuing the accomplishment of one’s most desired yet appearing impossible’ dream, vision or aspiration;

1.1 You will grow your previously established in Personal Belief and Willingness, into your daily life sustained Personal Conviction, that;

1.2 Commits you to consistently utilize BOTH your 1 Corinthians 12 verses 4-11 or Ephesians 4 verses 4-11 giftings or talents AND chosen daily life occupation or profession, as your God ordained or approved launchpad vessels ‘through which you seek and apply your required’ Word of God’s 1 Corinthians chapters 1 and 2 boundless power and wisdom, so that you grow your capacity to;

1.3 NOT ONLY relentlessly pursue to accomplish ‘whatever your most desired yet appearing impossible’ earthly ruling and God serving dreams, visions or aspirations, BUT TO ALSO extend to other increasing people ‘whatever your grown to or experienced’ Word of God’s boundless power and wisdom.

2. Your ‘sustained experiencing and extending to others’ the Word of God’s boundless power and wisdom per 1.1 to 1.3, generates and accrues to you the Isaiah 55 verses 12-13, John chapters 14 to 16 or Revelation 21 verses 22-26 always inspiring Personal Peace and Joy, which continuously motivate you to grow, sustain and extend to others;

2.1 The Sustained Endurance in relentlessly confronting the difficulties, resistances or inhibitions, that are encountered by any person ‘who pursues to accomplish one’s Jeremiah 29 verse 11 or Joel 2 verses 28-30 most desired yet appearing impossible’ dreams, visions, aspirations or plans.

3. Your ‘Personal Conviction rooted and Sustained Endurance driven’ growing and extending to others per 1 to 2.1, the capacity to relentlessly confront the difficulties or inhibitions ‘that are encountered in any person’s relentlessly pursuing one’s most desired yet appearing impossible’ dreams, visions or aspirations, is the introduction to your creation time God purposed Personal Development Training or Discipleship.

4. All the 1 to 3 Open Heavens Revelations teachings prepare you for your further growing, to the Genesis 1 verses 26-28, Romans 8 verses 28-39 and or Revelation 5 verses 5-12 ‘all people created for and redeemed for earthly ruling and God serving’ kingdom and priesthood inheritance. This your next higher level growth, is facilitated through the Open Heavens Prayer School’s next higher THIRD CHAPTER LEVEL Open Heavens Publications teachings, which are summarized and accessed from this website’s next page.


NOTE: The 1 to 4 Open Heavens Revelations book and video or audio teachings ‘on your growing the enduring capacity to access and extend to other people’ whatever your desired Word of God’s boundless power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing, are available from